Friday, September 25, 2009

Taipan (HK) 香港大班冰皮月餅: Orange, Cheese and Bean Paste Snowy Mooncake

Orange, Cheese and Bean Paste Mooncake
Taipan (HK) Snowy 香港大班冰皮月餅

The healthier choice for mooncakes will definitely have to be Taipan's Snowy mooncakes. Thanks to King's Creameries for bringing in these seasonal delectables from Hong Kong to Singapore, there is another choice of snowskin mooncakes that are blast-frozen at -18oC and bears a signature pearly white skin. This new style of mooncakes was pioneered by Taipan and which gained popularity in Hong Kong as well as Taiwan. Soon after, many other traditional bakers followed this award-winner and started their own line of Snowy mooncakes.

Instead of Taipan's trademark Mung Bean (green bean) paste, this particular one has got regular bean paste with cheese and generous bits of orange embedded within. With every mooncake purchase from Taipan, a reusable chiller bag is supplied. Taipan (HK) has an incredible range of Snowy mooncakes, sadly we in Singapore only get a fraction but good enough to entice any consumer. A perfect gift will be the Elite or Premium box sets that comes with bird's nest Snowy mooncakes.

Get your Taipan Snowy mooncakes from Mid-Autumn Festival fairs at:
Junction 8
Tampines Mall
Lot 1
Plaza Singapura
Sembaway Shopping Centre
Tangs Vivocity
Isetan Parkway Parade
Isetan Scotts
NTUC Finest Bukit Timah Plaza
NTUC Finest Thomson Plaza

Photography & Editing by William Tan
©William Tan 2009


Anonymous said...

Hi, May i know if 大班 Mooncake will be in SG this year?


yes it is