Friday, September 18, 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes Fair @ Takashimaya B2 Recommendations

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Fair is now on from 17th of September till 4th October 2009, at Takashimaya B2 event atrium. This show brings many popular mooncakes to the heart of Orchard Road. I patronised every stall and recommended a few good selections. Click on the image above to check out the locations of my recommendations*.
  • TWG Tea - Pure and Illumination snow skin mooncakes are interesting frothy mousse cakes infused with TWG's finest teas with a unique taste . Definitely not your average mooncake taste and texture. These mooncakes comes in a very classy Euro-modern style packing. S$48 (4pcs; Regular size)
  • Royal China Restaurant - Mini Snow Skin with Cranberry Fruit & Pine Nuts smells and taste very close to Majestic's Mini Snow Skin Mooncake With Kwai Feh Lychee Liqueur, but a different dimension to texture. It is not as overpowering sweet and has both soft texture of the red paste and crunchy pine nuts. No red wine inside? My taste buds got me fooled! Definitely next in my shopping cart! S$40 (8pcs; Mini Size)
    I would not mind going for the Mini Snow Skin with Low Sugar Green Apple Paste & Olive Seed at the same price, or mix it in a combo of 4 flavours. S$41 (8pcs; Mini Size)
  • Kia Hiang Restaurant - Fresh Durian in Snowskin is one of the finest durian mooncakes at a damn good price! Their durian puree has got the fibrous texture and strong aroma of its ingredient 猫山王 durians. They have upgraded from last year's D24 selection. Kia Hiang's makes standard items in my shopping cart every year. S$40 (9pcs; Mini Size) Link
  • Goodwood Park Hotel - Snowskin with Durian, Cempedak, Mango with Pomelo, Soursop (new) are the best fruit mooncakes around. These combinations are also must-have items in my shopping cart every year. Similar packaging to previous years, with the same free cooler carrier. S$44 (4pcs; Regular Size) Link
  • Home's Favourite - Black Durian Mooncakes are the premium of the premium durian mooncakes around. S$52 (4pcs; Regular Size) Link
    Real lychee fruits embedded in a custard is the only one among other lychee-related mooncakes where you get to bite on real lychee fruits! The cute western-style cake box carrier is a eye-catcher! S$50 (4pcs; Regular Size)
    Home's Favourite is definitely expecting patrons to pay a premium for their mooncakes bakd from their small bakery in Joo Chiat, but with years of supporters, they can't be wrong!
  • Hong Kong Mei Xin (Maxims) - Endorsed by Celebrity Kelly Chen and a fancy selection of snowskin mooncakes, these mooncakes from Hong Kong are definitely worth looking at. Nice tin box packaging with recyclable carrier bag included. S$38 - S$58 Link
  • Tai Pan Snowy - Another brand from Hong Kong with fantastic snowskin-only selections of mung bean paste mooncakes such as Lemon Chocolate, Yoghurt Chocolate, Orange & Cheese. Their packaging is similar to Maxims, tin box with a reusable cooler carrier.
    Their finer selections includes bird's nest. S$52 (9pcs; Mini Size) or S$63 (6pcs; Regular) Link
  • Casahana - Do not be mistaken this as a Japanese interpretation of mooncakes. However, its Japanese inspired mooncake packaging are fabulous and good to make anyone pay an inexpensive price for it! Casahana sells only baked mooncakes with a good variety of flavours but shy to its selection of packaging. This Malaysian pastry maker is sure putting effort into marketing! Kudos to them! Perfect gifts! S$36-S$98 Link

    Have you visited the mooncake fair at Takashimaya Shopping Centre** yet? If not, there is plenty of time to make your way down and battle the growing crowded. Bear in mind, while stocks last!

* Recommendations are strictly subjected to my liking and taste is subjective. You might find a different opinion and I strongly suggest you try it out.
** Do note that many participating merchants give out credit card promotional discounts, however, only available at other retail outlets except Takashimaya S.C. Please enquire on promotions when making purchases.

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