Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Raffles Hotel Mooncake 2009 Special: Snow-Skin Apricot Mooncake with Popping Candy

Snow-Skin Apricot Mooncake with Popping Candy
A remarkable creation of flavour and sound!
Raffles Hotel Singapore

When it comes to 'The Paramount of Gourmet Snowskin Mooncakes', no one comes any closer to that title than Raffles Hotel Singapore. Their legendary "Snow-skin Mooncake with Champagne Truffle & Ganache" was phenomenal and led to many reputed restaurants replicating the same. Last year, I experienced the Sze-Chuan Court (Fairmount) version of the same and they had their share of fame. This year, a few more other versions sprouted from other kitchens, while Sze-Chuan Court became another common name to 'mooncake-foodies'. This year I decided to skip Sze-Chuan Court and return to Raffles Hotel Singapore. While many restaurants touted their versions of the 'must-try snowskin mooncake', Raffles Hotel Singapore decided not to take snowskin mooncakes to a new level! They created the "Snow-Skin Apricot Mooncake with Popping Candy", the first ever mooncake that 'pops'! A remarkable creation of flavour and sound!

Like gems in an iconic traditional-themed tin box, 8 pieces of the "Snow-Skin Apricot Mooncake with Popping Candy" sits in a golden tray. The banana flavour from the pink snowskin seeps out. Encased in the snowskin layer is a chocolate ball surrounded by soft white lotus paste with generous bits of real apricot fruit. Take the crunch through the chocolate ball and you will be treated to a very nice surprise as you started to experience sizzling, cracking and popping in your mouth. These are the popping candy! Like fire-crackers bursting in your mouth, this incredible and enjoyable sensation surprisingly lingers in your the back of your mouth for quite a while.
It sure puts the smiles back to our friends and even older folks who gets tickled like a kid enjoying candy.

Nothing comes close to divine pleasure savouring Raffles Hotel Singapore's new "Snow-Skin Apricot Mooncake with Popping Candy"!
A 'die-die must-try' of the year!

Get yours from booths at Raffles Hotel Singapore now!

Photography & Editing by William Tan
©William Tan 2009

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