Friday, March 27, 2009


It has been a while since RSH hosted a Warehouse Sale. The last time I scored shoes during these sales were PUMA Speed Cat, Future Cat & Tempo, MERRELL Chameleon II & PUMA Tempo L as well as PUMA Speed Cat Lo. It has really been a year since I hoot shoes during a WHS. Of all the WHS, RSH has always been the one that faithfully deliver the best hoots at the best prices!
Check out my hoots!

Day 1
26th of March 2009

PUMA Pace Cat
(U.P.: S$132.00) 78% OFF
I have had countless white PUMA shoes, this my second white with black classic waves. I just can't get enough of white and black shoes.

DIESEL Angel Fish
Shopping Bag/Mudd
S$39.00 (U.P.: S$149.00) 74% OFF
I just cannot understand the color nomenclature used by DIESEL. I do not really dig brown shoes, but this burgundy-ish brown color is really starting to appeal to me.

LACOSTE Carnaby P2
(U.P.: S$109.00) 50% OFF
A pair of white LACOSTE with an iconic green right-facing crocodile logo can be found on the hippest Japanese, Hong Kong-er and Taiwanese man. I knew that I had to get my feet into a pair of LACOSTE but this high-end French label is just too pricey for me. Now I can own it at 50% of the retail price! I had to hoot myself a pair which is one of the cheapest among the stash on sale. Am I over-paying for a plain white shoe? Hell no!

Apart from these hoots for myself, I scored a Reebok runners at S$29.00 for dad. It makes an excellent replacement for the crappy 'sole-dropping' New Balance runners that I busted my credits on.
This RSH-WHS showed plenty of changes in the organization from the previous. Firstly, they set up a tent outside the main lobby to peddle more items and to relieve the crammed lift lobby (which failed badly still). RSH also setup counters in the shoes section to service customers like that in Wing Tai's WHS (damn! no more good o' rummaging through the stash). RSH also threw out more labels than before. Do you play golf? If you do, you will not miss the ridiculously cheap clubs and sets. During tough recession times, you need this kind of WHS to re-stock your shoe cabinets. Despite being only the first day, many cool designs were already out of sizes. Did I mentioned Nike Air Force 1 at S$70?? Yes, but only 2 sizes available. Luckily, Arthur benefited from it after some courier boy weasel stole his AF-1 at Tuas. If you are reading this weasel, if you can't afford to pay your own soles, you ain't worthy of an AF-1, fookin' thief!

Last but not least, if you love WHS and sporting labels at prices that are impossible at retail outlets, hurry down to RSH WHS from now till Saturday 28th of March (10 a.m. to 7 p.m.)!


Shaun said...

nice score on the white black puma's pro bro. Any feedback on how such soles are holding up? Have a good HK trip.


so far so good with the diesel today.
had a good trip. but no more 1/6th adi at the flagship store on Hankow.

Shaun said...

Eh photos or blog posts on Hk please. did u bust the budget in HK, get good cam stuff?


not yet arranged. did not hoot any sporting labels at all.
but scored some other stuff that could not get here.
keep a look out for the post coming up over the weekends.

Anonymous said...

hi do they sell puma jackets?


not too sure.
didnt check out jackets.
but there are plenty of jackets available.