Wednesday, December 24, 2008

EATZ: Mr.Curry by WARAKU

Japanese Curry & Sweet House
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-84 The Central
11:30am - 11pm
Let Mr. Curry and Mango-nyan from Curry Land welcome you to their choices of the best Japanese curry. With their first outlet residing at The Central, Mr. Curry joins WARAKU and WARAKU de Pasta in making The Central a one-stop shop for fans of WARAKU restaurants. At Mr.Curry, they have the Standard Curry, Meat Curry, Deep Fried Curry, Omelette Curry, Stewed Curry Set, Soup Curry Set and Spaghetti Curry Set for diners to choose from. For each curry dish, diners can choose from among 4 types of curry: Original, Red Sauce, Black Sauce and White Sauce. There are also unconventional curry dishes such as curry Risotto, Gratin, Doria, Salad, Soups and Sandwiches. Those with a sweet tooth can choose Sweet Sandwiches, Naan-bread Pizzas, Ice-Cream Desserts, Stick Cakes, Floats, Smoothies and Shakes. There is something for everyone and there is just too many to choose from.

Being a hardcore lover of Japanese curry, I vow to try out Mr.Curry. Since during the opening promotional period, My.Curry was giving a 100% return of the bill in vouchers, that pretty sweeten the deal!

Chicken & Mushroom Curry Risotto
An earthern hot pot of curry, rice and 3 kinds of mushrooms.

Bacon & Spinach Omelette Curry
(with Black Curry option)
Rice wrapped in an omelette of bacon and spinach, served with some salad and miso soup. The curry is served separately on the side, in an earthern hot pot. I have chosen Black Sauce curry. The black curry is sweeter but still retains the flavour of Japanese curry.

Hamburg Steak Curry Doria
A beef steak embedded in the middle of a cheesy baked rice, served with miso soup.

Compared to other WARAKU restaurants, Mr.Curry is reasonably cheaper. The wide variety of curry dishes and desserts to choose from (see menu here), really left us spoilt for choice. The Risotto does not really have that cheesy texture, and felt like curry 'mui fan'. Nevertheless, it is something interesting to try. In my opinion, the omelette was rather thin and hence the proportion of rice to meat and omelette is not balanced. The Black Sauce curry is a much saltier and sweeter version of the usual Japanese curry. I even suspected that it is a blend of Japanese curry and black sweet sauce (used to fry Char Kway Teow). I would suggest sticking to the recommended Original sauce. The Doria is actually cheese baked rice, but I have no idea where is the curry. The curry is probably blended in small quantity into the cheese. Breaking into the crispy cheesy crust reveals piping hot cheesy rice. Believe me, the Hamburg steak is indeed quite a big slab of beef patty! On the whole, the dishes are good and worthy, but I would anytime prefer Pasta de WARAKU over Mr.Curry. Since I had my 100% return of the bill in vouchers, I would return again to try out other curry dishes!

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