Wednesday, August 13, 2008

REVOLTECH 北斗神拳 Revolution No.003: REI (レイ)

Even before 北斗神拳 (Fists of North Star) Revolution 001 Kenshiro and 002 Explode Team ZEED make it to the stores in SEPTEMBER, KAIYODO is sure quick to annouce the next hero from the series, 003 Rei (レイ).

北斗神拳 Revolution 003
Rei, the successor of "南斗水鳥拳" (South Star Waterfowl Fist), which is said to be the most elegant of the Nanto Seiken styles. He represents the "義星" (Star of Justice). Rei is a mercenary-for-hire, who also has an aim to kill the man who kidnapped his sister. He was hired alongside alongside Kenshiro by Mamiya to protect her village against the Fang Clan. The small guy that came along with 003 Rei, is a bandit of the Fang Clan.

Images source: KAIYODO

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