Tuesday, August 05, 2008

REVOLTECH NEW SERIES RELEASE: 北斗神拳 (Fist of North Star) Revolution

After much waiting and anticipation of a new REVOLTECH series, KAIYODO has finally announced the official release date for the BRAND NEW SERIES of REVOLTECH. KAIYODO which has the license for the popular manga series, 北斗神拳 (Fist of North Star or Hokuto no Ken) has been releasing action figures for it, but never in the REVOLTECH scale. This new series called "北斗神拳 Revolution" utilizes the the concept of KAIYODO's hallmark lineup REVOLTECH. Fans of the classic manga (1983-1988) and REVOLTECH will be jumping for joy this September, when the first two characters to make it to the "北斗神拳 Revolution" series are the lead character Kenshiro and villain ZEED gang punk.

北斗神拳 Revolution 001
Kenshiro is the lead character of 北斗神拳 who is a fighter of the "Hokuto Shinken" martial arts.

爆裂!ジード団 (Explode Team ZEED)
北斗神拳 Revolution 002
The first villains that Kenshiro faced in the story were the Explode Team ZEED biker-gang punks.

Images source: KAIYODO


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