Monday, July 14, 2008

Revoltech No.041 TYPE-7 BROCKEN Military Labor

In "Mobile Police Patlabor", "Labors" refers to mecha. Though Labors were usually used in construction projects, some were developed for military use. The TYPE-7 BROCKEN is one labor that is developed by SEE (Schaft Enterprise Europe) as a land battle military labor. The BROCKEN accomodates one pilot only in the torso cockpit. With a height of 8.68m and 8.92 tons, along with a bulky physical built, the BROCKEN does have human-like mobility, on par with the AV-98 INGRAM. The TYPE-7 BROCKEN does not come any default armaments or equipments, except in-built sensors. Schaft Enterprises is responsible for manufacturing of the TYPE-J9 GRIFFION FLIGHT-Type and GIFFON AQUA-Type.
REVOLTECH No.041 TYPE-7 BROCKEN does not come with much accessories but only 2 pairs of hands, basic stand and a steel pipe. This figure suffers from poor articulation due to its bulky shape. The Revoltech joints were also not very good during this batch of production and does not lock well.

"Watch it boy! I'll spank your ass with the steel pipe!"

Catch a glimpse of BROCKEN in action against the INGRAM

Photography & Editing by William Tan
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