Saturday, June 21, 2008

"I.T. Show for Women" SALE: Asus EeePC 4GB - S$398 (33% OFF)

For those who missed the sale for ASUS EeePC 4GB at S$398 (33% OFF),
Harvery Norman is pampering the ladies with this "I.T. Show for Women".
Here is your 2nd chance to grab the sleek and cool ultraportable ASUS EeePC at S$398 (33% OFF) in PINK!
Note: This sale does not include any free portable HDD like Carrefour's.

Carrying and working on the laptop anywhere and anytime is going to be a breeze for ladies who have detested lugging around a heavy laptop bag. Every lady deserves to pamper themself with this lightweight beauty. The ASUS EeePC is so gonna make every girl envy, unless she prefers to be a weight-lifter!

This one-off "I.T. Show for Women" is on at Millenia Walk, Great Hall from 21st - 22nd of June 2008.


ber said...

over the weekend, i saw a shop at SLS selling this 4gb one at $349.


I believe you are refer to AAA?
I saw that too. I guess everywhere now is bringing down the price of the 4GB model, due to the release of newer models.

ber said...

i saw it at level 2 near the escalators