Monday, June 30, 2008

EATZ: Zhen's Malaysia Pontian Wanton Noodles, AMK Central

Zhen's Malaysia Pontian Wanton Noodles
Ang Mo Kio Central Food Centre #01-16
Wanton Noodles
is a very common local noodle dish that can be found in almost any coffee shop and food centre. However, to find a very good one is hard. I really missed the wanton noodle stall that was located under a flat that used to be behind Sim Lim Square. Since then, no other wanton noodles fancied me, but now, I have found one! Zhen's Malaysia Pontian Wanton Noodles is definitely a long queue away but it must be good! Read on...

Wanton Noodles
S$2.50 / S$3
Hand-made egg noodles with char-siew (barbequed pork), vegetables, three crispy fried wantons (dumplings) and soup with two pieces of wantons. Spicy or 'Black' (non-spicy) must be specified upon ordering as the stall attendent will mix the noodles for you.

The noodles used to prepare the wanton noodles dish is crucial to making it a success. Unlike many that uses factory-made noodles that are slightly translucent due to the bicarbonate, Zhen's uses their very own hand-made egg noodles. The noodles are very 'Q' (springy). You can tell the difference in the opaque yellow noodles. You can have a choice of spicy or non-spicy. I regretted ordering the spicy as many people ordered the 'black' (non-spicy) version to savour the very original taste. The char-siew are nothing to shout about, but I must really recommend you order the fried wanton separately. The fried wantons are fabulous and nothing compares! The fried wanton skin is very crispy and soft. The taste of the fried wanton skin is strong and together with the minced pork stuffing and suspected fried lard bits, makes the wanton perfect! Fried wantons are available at 14 pieces for S$2.50. Cheap!! Coincidently, Zhen's Malaysia Pontian Wanton Noodles is just located opposite super-hyped Centre Satay Beehoon.


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