Tuesday, January 29, 2008

EATZ: Chong Pang Mee Rebus

From the stall that I had the fabulous "Chong Pang Curry Chicken Noodle" at 453A Chong Boon Market & Cooked Food Centre, I had "Mee Rebus". "Chong Pang Curry Chicken Noodle" stall serves only these two dishes, and I have tried both!

"Mee rebus" ('noodles boiled') is a Malay-inspired noodle dish largely popular in the Southeastern Asia, such as Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, also a highly adored a loval favourite.
Yellow egg noodles are also used and goes with a spicy slightly sweet savoury gravy, made from potatoes, curry powder, salted soya beans, dried shelled hrimps, and peanuts. I also comes with boiled egg, calamansi (lime), Chinese celery, green chillies, tau kwa (dried beancurd), bean sprouts and fried shallots.

Mee Rebus
Chong Pang Curry Chicken Noodle
453A Chong Boon Market & Cooked Food Centre,
#01-212 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10
'Q' egg noodles drowned in a very heavy "mee rebus" gravy topped with the usual garnishings, one boiled egg halved, calamansi (lime) to add a tangy punch to the gravy, Chinese celery, potato half, chopped green chillies, small tau kwa cubes, bean sprouts and fried shallots.

The gravy is very thick and heavy, thus causing the noodles to clump. Nevertheless, the gravy is sedap (fabulous taste)! Some dislike the taste of the thick yellow egg noodles, but the gravy has masked much of its taste. To add more excitement to the taste, chilli paste and lime can be added. I particularly love the biting texture attributed to the small fried shallots and dried shelled shrimps. This"mee rebus" is cooked by the Chinese and not the Malay, which is not a rare sight in Singapore, where cultures criss-crossed in harmony.
Good stuff! With your mouth still filled with the after-taste of the lovely gravy, you will never go home disppointed especially when it costs only S$2.50!

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