Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Hot Toys 1/6th Navy Seal

These are two of the upcoming 1/6th military action figures from Hot Toys. There are two versions of the NAVY SEAL Mountain Ops Sniper. One of which is the PCU (protective camouflage uniform) version. and the other is the ACU (army camouflage universal) version. I believe that apart from differences in the uniform, there is actually not much difference in the gears and weapons. Both versions come with M40A3 w/ MST-100 Rifle Scope, M4 w/ Duo Butt stock and M1911 Pistol as weapons. I kinda like their hiking poles, crampons and ice axe.
Though this is very different from my Navy Seal CQB, and already having a 1/6th M4A1, I still prefer my 1/6th military action figures to be in combat outfits and if not, something like USMC II M.E.F. (which I prefer over the tan version) will be nice too!

Special Forces Mountain Ops Sniper (PCU ver.)

Special Forces Mountain Ops Sniper (ACU ver.)
I cannot help but to associate the headsculpt of this ACU version to Leonardo DiCarprio in 'The Departed'.

Images source: Hot Toys


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Anonymous said...

PCU is short for Protective Combat Uniform.