Monday, August 07, 2017

Retrofit BMW F46 Gran Tourer LED Projector Lights

LED Projector Door Lights Installation

For BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer (F46)

Here is a step by step guide to installation of BMW LED projector door lights purchased from Ebay/Taobao.

I used the above tools to faciltate the removal of the stock BMW LED door light. I used plastic to prevent damage to the housing of the stock door lights.

Locate the goove on the edge of the stock door light (the side nearer to the B-pillar). Use a plastic pry tool to pry it out. Don't worry to use some force to push the pry tool, since the door panel is a slightly soft PP material.

Next, you need to prep the LED projector door light. The corners of the plastic need to be "shaved off" to have a easier fit in the opening.
I used a pen knife to slowly shave and trim the plastic edges.

Attach the connector cable to the molex hanging from the door.
Attach the connector cable to the LED prpjector door light.
Slot the LED projector door light in reverse order from removal. Prior to pushing the LED projector door light completely in, rotate the projector dial to align the projected image.
Push in completely when done.

Here is the original stock BMW LED door light and the LED projector door light from Taobao.

Have fun and enjoy the projection of your favourite logo or image.

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