Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Xiaomi MiPower

MiPower 10400mAh

小米MiPower is a highly rated powerbank which delivers 10400mAh of juice to mobile gadgets. Seriously, where do you find something this capacity at S$13.99? Even the Sanyo Eneloop 5000mAh is more than S$60. So look no further and race to grab a MiPower.
MiPower is capable of charging up iPad which draws a lot of juice.

There are many clones available online but it is best to get from official Xiaomi store to ensure you get the authentic MiPower. I am sure that you do not want your powerbank to blow up in flames like Challenger's housebrand Valore powerbank.

Look what came in the mail today.
How often do you get an IFU with a Powerbank?
The MiPower in bigger and heavier than the eneloop.

Shot on Sony QX10
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