Sunday, May 26, 2013


If you are a homemaker preparing packed meals for your family, or parent preparing baby food for the go, or simply a diehard fan of thermal flasks, then you will love this.
TIGER products are on sale at Takashimaya S.C. this GSS season, from 24th May to 13th June 2013.
I understand from a few aunties who were forming a "human wall" around the sales counter, that TIGER products rarely goes on sale. One of them even mentioned that she waited for 3 years for this sale! This may sound insane, but nevertheless, the discounts are really hefty and hard to resist! Prices are slashed more than 50% and some even claimed to be sold below cost!
I knew I had to stock up, because only during this weekend (24th to 26th May 2013), Takashimaya members get an additional 10% off. With the discount on sale prices, there is really no need to deliberate and just go for the kill. Check out what I had scored!

You should out check out the Special Deals as advertised on the papers.

 2.5L Automatic Vacuum Airpot
Sale: S$69 
Free 1L thermal handy jug
I paid $62.10
Free gift is this 1L thermal handy jug

2x 0.3L Stainless Steel Flask Set
Sale: S$59 
I paid $53.10
There are Silver, Bright Pink, Vivid Pink, Champagne to choose from.
The size of the jug goes perfectly well in the bag and in the hands.
85°C - 1 hour
68°C - 6 hours
Cold - 6 hours

250mL Stainless Steel Cup
Sale: S$39 each 
I paid $35.10
There are 5 colors: Brown, Bright Pink, Orange, Baby Blue and White.
These thermal cups are good for porridge, soups and even coffee-to-go.
The rounded rim makes drinking more comfortable.
83°C - 1 hour
56°C - 6 hours
Cold - 6 hours

300mL Thermal Soup Cup
c/w foldable spoon
Sale: S$39
I paid $35.10
There are only 3 colours for this.
This thermal soup cup is ideal for a bigger portions of porridge and soup.
It comes with a foldable spoon that can be kept in the lid.
> 52°C - 6 hours
Cold - 6 hours

1.5 Cup Thermal Lunch Container Set
Sale: S$59
I paid $53.10
There are only 2 colours for this.
This set comes with a thermal container with 2 container inserts.
One is a plastic tupperware, where the other is a stainless steel bowl.
This set is adored by travelling parents for preparing warm food for their toddlers.
It comes with a pair of chopsticks in a case.
All these goes in a carrier which is included as well.
This set comes in a taller version which comes with an additional tupperware, on sale at S$69.

Trophies for the day!
I am so junkie for thermal flasks!

Hurry on down to Takashimaya B1, TIGER counter, while stocks last!
Even without the Takashimaya member additional discounts, the prices are still worth the hoot!
Can you outbeat the aunties?

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