Friday, May 31, 2013

OHM / Shimono Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner

OHM / Shimono Vacuum Cleaner Sweeper
Hi-Tech Cyclone Series

Our robot iCLEBO may be doing a decent job cleaning up the daily hair and dust in the whole house on a programmed basis. However, there are always spots and corners that are not accessed by the robot.
This calls for the need of a handheld vacuum cleaner.
Since our old Philips is losing battery life and the suction power isn't exactly strong, getting the reputed OHM Vacuum cleaner sweeper makes sense. Also marketed under the brand Shimono, this handheld vacuum cleaner uses a silent yet powerful pump to give you high suction power! How about sucking up a dollar coin? No problem at all. This is attributed to the cyclone suction technique deployed by this vacuum cleaner.
The OHM Vacuum cleaner sweeper comes with a comprehensive set of accessories:
2x extension pipes
1x swing brush head
1x 360 round brush head
1x bed brush head
1x crevice suction tool
1x AC adaptor with indicator light
1x spare filter
All accessories are washable.
2300Pa vacuum power
Changing 8 hr
The most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner yet.

Check out the OHM Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner pick up a coin from the floor!

Check out the cyclone action on a perceived clean mattress. Shot and Blogged entirely on Android

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