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SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII 4G LTE : designed for humans, inspired by nature

LTE Edition
designed for humans, inspired by nature

The Samsung GALAXY SIII 4G LTE does not need much introduction. It is not a new smartphone and has been in the market for many months. It launched with the 3G version and later the 4G version which caught many people off-guard. So what are the differences between the both? Internally, both versions are the same, except that the 4G version can transmit data over-the-air on the LTE infrastructure, which is much faster speed. LTE does not mean "lite", so that does not mean the 4G LTE version is a "lighter" or lower specs version. LTE mean "Long-Term Evolution" and will soon make 3G obselete. Why choose 4G LTE? Faster and 4G networks are free at no additional charges! What is the distinct differences? For example, stream a YouTube video in HD without lagging, and email a 10MB full HD video in less than a minute.

GALAXY SIII 4G weighs a mere 133g and sports a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen with Gorilla Glass 2. The SIII comes with an 8MP rear camera with LED flash and allows video recording at full HD 1080p@30fps. The front camera is a basic 1.9MP camera and records video at HD 720p. 
Internally, the SIII shys in comparison to the newer GALAXY Note II. The SIII comes with an Exynos 4412 Quad-core 1.4GHz processor, 1GB RAM,  minimum 16GB internal storage with upgradeable storage of up to 64GB. The SIII also now comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean pre-installed, upgradeable to Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. The SIII uses a 2,100 mAh removeable Li-ion battery which gives close to a day of juice, in reality, around 8h on regular usage before recharging is required. You will need to change your SIM card to a micro-SIM, in order to use the SIII. 
As expected Samsung had installed its own skin over Android, TouchWiz UI. I must admit that it is now much more smooth, speedy and stable than previous versions. Having using HTC Sense UI and stock Jelly Bean, TouchWiz UI is actually not that bad after all. It makes the device more user-friendly than stock Jelly Bean. The SIII also comes pack with a few nice features, but I only appreciate the Smart Stay and the Motion controls.

Inside the box, you find the warranty card, Quick Start Guide, micro-USB cable, headset, spare plugs and travel charger.

There are 3 colours available for the 4G LTE version: White, Blue and Grey.
Titanium Grey is unique to the 4G and looks best!

Details of the SIII 4G

Size Comparison
The Samsung GALAXY SIII is not exactly the smallest smartphone nor is it the biggest device around.
Here is how it compares to other toys.
 GALAXY SIII 4G vs new iPad
 GALAXY SIII 4G vs iPod Touch 5

In the Hands
GALAXY SIII 4G comes with a glossy finish that gives a rather good grip.
It is not too big for small hands and is a perfect ladies' choice.

Samsung GALAXY SIII, undoubtedly the best smartphone of its time, that is until the GALAXY Note II arrived.
Both GALAXY devices clearly dominated the market and embraced many camp-switchers.
Get up to speed with the 4G LTE versions.

Do you need any other reason to switch to SIII?
Be a Kpop fan!

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