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Saturday, December 01, 2012

iPod Touch 5: Engineered for Maximum Funness

iPod Touch
5th Generation
The new iPod Touch 5 is the latest incarnation of the iPod Touch series.
This time round, the iPod Touch is almost the clone of the latest iPhone 5. The screen sizes are the same and comes packed with iOS 6. It is mistaken for an iPhone 5 in many occassions. However, it stands out from the iPhone 5 by being super thin and light-weight.
The new iPod Touch 5 also underwent a major revamp from the previous version. It now comes with an iSight 5MP camera, LED flash light and Retina display.
The iPod Touch 5 may look so much like the iPhone 5, in terms of specifications, the iPod Touch 5 is just at the level of iPhone 4S and thus not intended to outdo the iPhone 5.
Nevertheless, the reason for me to get the iPod Touch 5 is simple: Best of both worlds!
I am a diehard Android phone supporter, but I still appreciate the simplicity and fun of the iPhone 5.
So the iPod Touch 5 is the most affordable and suitable answer to get the most fun of the iPhone 5 in a thinner and sleek body.
You get to install all the apps that are made for iPhone. A good excuse to enjoy the great games available on the iPhone. All the great apps that I got free on my iPad are immediately synced via my Apple account to the iPod Touch 5.
The only drawback is the lack of a 3G radio. The iPod Touch 5 requires WiFi to get internet access.
That is of course, who will need an iPhone if the iPod get 3G?
The line between iPod Touch and iPhone has gotten thinner and more grey.
The iPod Touch 5 comes with the smallest capacity at 32GB and hence placing it at a price not to far from the new iPad mini 16GB. You will need to debate if you are going to pay just a bit more to get the 7-inch tablet.
If you just need a music companion and gaming device that is pocketable, the iPod Touch 5 is the answer!
The iPod Touch 5 comes in 5 colours: Pink, Green, Blue, Silver and Black.
Only the Black Slate comes with a black face, while the rest of the colours come with a white face.

Height: 123.4 mm (4.86 inches)
Width: 58.6 mm (2.31 inches)
Depth: 6.1 mm (0.24 inch)
Weight: 88 g (3.10 ounces)
802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi (802.11n 2.4GHz and 5GHz)
Bluetooth 4.0
Maps: Location-based service
Nike+ support built in
4-inch (diagonal) widescreen display with Multi-Touch IPS technology
Retina display 1136-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 pixels per inch
800:1 contrast ratio (typical)
500 cd/m2 max brightness (typical)
Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating
5-megapixel iSight camera
Autofocus Tap to focus video or still images
Backside illumination Hybrid IR filter
Five-element lens
LED flash
ƒ/2.4 aperture
Face detection Panorama
HD video recording (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with audio
FaceTime HD camera with 1.2MP photos and HD video (720p) up to 30 frames per second
Video stabilisation Tap to control exposure for video or stills
Photo and video geotagging over Wi-Fi
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Music playback time: Up to 40 hours when fully charged
Video playback time: Up to 8 hours when fully charged
Charging times: Fast charge in about 2 hours (80% capacity), full charge in about 4 hours

Unboxing the iPod Touch 5
Contents include: iPod touch, iPod touch loop, Apple EarPods, Lightning to USB, Cable Quick Start guide
 Lightning cable
The lightning cable massacred all previous Dock accessories.
Nevertheless, the lightning cable can be conveniently connected in anyway without an up/down orientation.
 The iPod loop
The loop is a lanyard that can be easily attached to the iPod Touch 5.
The color of the lanyard matches your iPod Touch 5 color.
The new earphones from Apple. This is a simplified version without a speaker and volume control.

iPod Touch 5
 The iPod Touch 5 comes with a matt aluminium finish.
Apple decide to adopt this finishing which is a nightmare. This material is soft and prone to dinks on knocks.
Plastic covers can also cause a dent on the material when putting on or taking off.
I guess this applies to the new iPad mini as well.
The circle on the bottom right is for attaching the loop.
At the base, from left to right, is the speaker, lightning port and 3.5mm port.
You can clearly see a scratch on the speaker on this mint iPod Touch, I am glad that the store gave me another new piece replacement.
 Depressing the circle will pop up the mount for attaching the loop.
 On the top is the iSight camera, mic, LED flash and rubberized antenna cover.

Size Comparisons
 iPod Touch 5 vs Galaxy Note II
 iPod Touch 5 vs Galaxy Tab 7.7
 iPod Touch 5 is slightly thinner than the already very thin Galaxy Tab 7.7.
iPod Touch 5 vs new iPad
 iPod Touch 5 is slimmer than the iPad as well.

iPod Touch 5
Engineered for maximum funness

In the hands
The iPod Touch 5 feels so light that you can barely feel its there!
Good or bad, the device is so slim that there is a tendency to let the device slip out from your hands!

Pimp my iPod Touch 5
Time to pimp up this new device.
The first is to slap on a screen protector.
If you have difficulty finding iPod Touch 5 screen protector, you can actually use the iPhone 5 screen protector. 
The screen sizes are exactly the same. The home button is in the same location as well.
The only drawback is that the Facetime camera will be covered.
Finding a case for the iPod Touch 5 is rather hard, since most cases sold in stores are mainly for iPhone.
I managed to find one that sells these simple hard covers at a very cheap price.
Ignore those fancy branded rubberized and silicon cases which just made this thin device into a brick.
The beauty of the iPod Touch 5 is the thinnest body, and this plastic shell do it justice.
At the same time, the thickness of the case protects the protruding iSight camera.
Unfortunately, there isn't much variety.
Warning! After trying a few covers, I have realized that the edges of my iPod Touch 5 are scratched.
That is how soft the material is!
Since the case concealed the scratches, it shall stay on for the rest of its life!
Scored this super cheap earphones that comes with mic and volume controls for iOS devices.
This clone even comes with the Apple-like packaging.
It does not have superb bass, but definitely the bass and treble does not crack at maximum volume.

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