Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pimp my Galaxy Tab 7.7: Keyboard Dock

Samsung Keyboard Dock
for Galaxy Tab 7.7
U.P. S$138.00
Is there really a need to dock your tablet?
If you work with your tablet most of the time.
When you get back in office, dock it to work and charge at the same time.
Or if you fancy pimping up your tablet!

I managed to score this official Samsung Keyboard Dock at 80% off, at only S$27!
I would be silly to give up on this great offer!
The dock has a 30-pin to plug in to power source or other accessories, such as a card reader.
There is also a headphone jack to plug to earphones or external speakers.
The keyboard dock does not require a power source or batteries.
When connected to the tablet, it draws its power from the Tab.
The only drawback of this dock is that it can only fit the Galaxy Tab 7.7.

Even with the release of the newer Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, 
in terms of specifications, Galaxy Tab 7.7 still outperforms the newer Tab. 
Bet you didn't realize that eh?

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