Sunday, March 25, 2012

Size Does Matters! Galaxy Tab 7.7 vs iPad

this is a hands-on experience on the ergonomics of handling both the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and iPad.
If you are deciding to buy the Galaxy Tab 7.7 or iPad, and one consideration is size and weight?
Read on.

In the Palm
Palm used to be the "godfather" of PDA that fits neatly in the palms, but these have now evolved to our current smartphones.
Tablets are never meant to be palm-held devices, but Galaxy Tab 7.7 still fits in a man's palm while the iPad is never meant to.

Single-Handed Operation
Tablets are not meant to be operated single-handed like smartphones.
Galaxy Tab 7.7 is a rather decent size and weight for single-handed operation. You can get away with 70% of the task single-handed. However, thumbs can never cover the while keypad during input.
The iPad is a joke to be handled single-handed, and risky due to its weight.

Two-Hands Operation
Galaxy Tab 7.7 is comfortable for two-hands operation in portrait mode and never felt to cramped.
iPad is a tad to wide for small hands, however, you can always switch to "Split" keypad.
In Landscape mode.

Size does Matters
What is the best size for a tablet?
Should you want a bigger screen for more viewing space?
Do you want a smaller package to be handled with comfort and easily?
My vote has to go for iPad for a more comfortable viewing.
However, I am very satisfied with viewing comfortably on the Galaxy Tab 7.7. I do not have to zoom in to properly read an A4 pdf file. The lightweight and size allow me to carry it single-handed for long durations, while my free-hand can still scribble with a pen. I can never do that with an iPad.
On a side note, running a 20MB pdf file had always been laggy on my HTC Desire HD, but overall the speed on the Galaxy Tab 7.7 is as smooth as on iPad iBooks app.
This is really subjective. It all depends on personal preference. For now, the Tab 7.7 gets my overall thumbs up!

What is your pick?

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