Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pimp my Galaxy Tab 7.7: USB Drive on Android Tablet

But not on the PC?
 Yes you can with Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7!
In fact, this works on all of Samsung's Galaxy Tab series.
 USB Host for USB Thumbdrive/Flashdrives
You can now access your files any place, any where, any time!
Edit them, attach them, send them!

Camera Connection
For serious photographers who like to preview, edit and upload their photos on-the-go,
Samsung Galaxy Tab serves as a USB host for direct connections to your cameras.

I forked out S$38 for a rather useless iPad Camera Connection Kit!
I am not going to fork out more for another one,
so I reckon a 3rd-party one might work, and it did!
That cost me only S$7.90!
Not to mention that it was quite well made!
It supports USB devices and memory cards.

Now, isn't this what you really wanted?
iPad users, including myself, "Can you handle this?"

If you like to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, read my review first.
Click on image below:

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Sally said...

Hi, may I know where did you buy the $7.90 connection kit from? TIA!