Friday, December 30, 2011

HTC Sense UI 3.0 Update

I just updated my HTC Desire HD and Incredible S FOTA.
This is the new home screen where you pull the ring up to unlock. Drag the shortcut into the ring to start application immediately.

Home Screen Roll Out

The new home screen appears rolling out and rolls in a 3D carousel style.

Home Screen Roulette

The home screens now roll continuously instead of stopping at last home screen on left or right.

Type Interface

The type word prediction comes with a slight twist.

Text Message Interface

The message interface has a face lift as well. This is the nested view.
This is the new message mode where it is "Whatsapp-ish" or a blatant copy of iOS message style where conversations are illustrated in shout-boxes.

Gallery Interface

A new appearance for gallery, nice but does not give a better preview at a glance compared to the older version.

Slight changes to the button layout in thumbnail mode.

Customizable Home Screen

Customize home screen to your liking with various widgets such as flying Gallery, FriendStream update, Weather, Stock Quotes or Clock.

This is the lock screen with the default mail shortcut changed to Gmail. I could switch Messages to Whatsapp too. I have chosen a flying Gallery home screen.

Other Features
  • When a call comes in sleep mode, the interface has changed to a stylish design.
  • Task Manager app is made available to allow quick task kill. But I prefer Advanced Task Killer for a more effective kill.
  • Android Market app gets a facelift to resemble that already present in Samsung Galaxy S II.
Most importantly, if you are wondering how I managed to post those screenshots?
Yes! This update allows HTC users to do Screen Shot!
To capture screenshots, simply Hold Sleep button briefly and tap Home button.
You then hear a camera sound, followed by a flash on the screen and a message.

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