Friday, October 21, 2011

NESPRESSO Citiz + Aeroccino 3

NESPRESSO Citiz + Aeroccino 3
S$507 (24% off)
Singapore RRP S$667

George, we need a Nespresso machine!

The Citiz comes in a sleek urban retro-modern style compared to the earlier model, ESSENZA. There are 2 designs to Citiz, the differences are in mainly in the side plates and dispense nozzle. These 2 designs are sold as KRUPS or DELONGHI units. We scored a KRUPS version of the Citiz as it looks much better!
We chose the Citiz over the slightly cheaper Pixie simply because of design! Though Pixie is designed to be portable and has a nice briefcase, we do not really fancy bringing our Nespresso machine out for coffee gatherings.
We fell in love with Fire Engine Red!
So we scored the Fire Engine Red!

16 Grand Crus sample pack
Coffee catalog in hardcover folder

16 Grand Crus samples
Name - Range - Color code - Intensity
1. Ristretto - Espresso - Black - 10
2. Arpeggio - Espresso -Violet - 9
3. Roma - Espresso - Dark Brown - 8
4. Livanto - Espresso - Orange - 6
5. Capriccio - Espresso - Green - 5
6. Volluto - Espresso - Copper - 4
7. Cosi - Espresso - Brown - 3
8. Dulsao do Brasil - Pure Origine - Beige - 5
9. Rosabaya de Columbia - Pure Origine - Lavender - 6
10. Indriya from India - Pure Origine - Steel - 10
11. Finezzo Lungo - Lungo - Yellow - 5
12. Vivalto Lungo - Lungo - Blue - 4
13. Fortissio Lungo - Lungo - Dark Green - 7
14. Decaffeinato Lungo - Decaffeinato - Light Red - 3
15. Decaffeinato - Decaffeinato - Crimson Red - 2
16. Decaffeinato Intenso - Decaffeinato - Maroon - 7

Instructions manual in various languages, international warranty

Fire Engine Red
KRUPS version

Apart from the 2 different designs to the Citiz range, there is another version of Citiz that comes with wider base plate which incorporates the new Aeroccino milk frother. Though the price is the same, we prefer to keep the coffee component and milk frother separate. Why? Simple, single component is easier to replace.

Espresso and Lungo preparaton
Auto and programmable volume control
Power Save mode
Folding cup support
19-bar high pressure pump
1L removable water tank
Capsule container for 9-11 used capsules

Citiz Up Close


The Aeroccino 3 is the newest 2011 version of the older S/S mug-style Aerocinno. The earlier Aeroccino is stylish in its own way, but we decide to score the newer Aeroccino 3. The Aeroccino first made its appearance as part of the component of the Citiz with milk version. The cool design then made its way as a standalone Aeroccino mark 3. There are 3 colours to choose from: white, black and red. Of course, we scored the Fire Engine Red to match our Citiz!
The new Aeroccino 3 is sold at the same price as the older version.

George, we need capsules!
All of 'em!
At 62 cents per capsule, which is cheaper than a cup of kopi-o,  it is tempting to score a year supply.
Unfortunately, I am not able to hoot more into my packed suitcases!

The resisted the temptation a S$237 Pixie for my kitchen while the Citiz entertains guests in the hall!
When its cheap, we should consider hoot as a must!

To buy a Nespresso, locate your nearest dealer in your region, visit the official website:

If you want an cheaper alternative that is cheaper, go for Nescafe Dolce Gusto.

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