Saturday, October 15, 2011


The famed "black" Ramen with ever long queue.
I shall attempt to try it out today!

A fancy automatic Ramen boiler!

Chasu Ramen

Golden Curry Ramen

The same black broth with curried minced pork bits to add the curry flavour to the pork broth.


The Ramen noodles are not exactly the best texture I've attempted in Singapore. However, the rich and tasty pork broth deserves the thumbs up! The pork bone broth is actually milky and not black. The black came as a layer of sauce covering the top layer of the broth, when mixed in gives a tinge black broth.
The service of the staff are welcoming.
Nantsuttei deserves the queue for Ramen lovers!

Shot and blogged from HTC Desire HD

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