Friday, October 14, 2011

HTC Snap

HTC Snap
S$ 180
Retail price with no contract

HTC Snap is not exactly a new release phone, the Snap was released in 2009 just when the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer is emerging as an Android phone manufacturer.
The Snap was not an Android phone, but a Windows Mobile phone.
Not to be confused with newer Windows 7 phone.
HTC Snap comes with as a Windows Mobile 6.1 OS.
There are 2 versions HTC Snap out in the market, one of the version does not have camera.
I scored this non-camera version of the phone for my use in restricted places.
The HTC Snap will replace my functional Samsung E1390, a dirt cheap low end non-camera candy bar phone which surprising allows internet and java apps.

 Contents include:
HTC Snap, mini-USB sync/charging cable, USB charging adaptor, mini-USB earpiece, documentations.

HTC Snap model S526
Immediately, it is easy to identify the trademark trackball adopted by earlier Blackberry and later found on Nexus One. The Snap is a non-touchscreen QWERTY type phone operating on the retired Windows Mobile 6.1 OS.
As you can see, the rear plate camera location is replaced by a metal plate.

 HTC Snap comes with a full-featured QWERTY keyboard with Windows Live shortcut and HTC Inner Circle shortcut.
There is really no big deal about Inner Circle, which is a shortcut to your Inner Circle contacts. Simply add a contact to Inner Circle and any emails or messages from the contact will be consolidated in Inner Circle.

 The Snap uses a mini-USB port for charging, sync and unfortunately earpiece.
Volume adjustment controls are located on the left side edge of the phone.

Size Comparisons

 HTC Snap is one of the most popular phone meant for military service usage simply because it allows you to access mails, internet, Google apps and Facebook

HTC Snap is currently still one of the popular choice for servicemen who are not allow to use a phone with a camera. However, it is not the only smartphone without a camera. HTC Touch 2 comes wtih a non-camera version as well. Blackberry Bold comes in a non-camera version but with a heavy price tag. HTC Snap seems to be the cheapest choice for a non-camera smartphone.
Unfortunately, Microsoft has stopped all support for Windows Mobile 6.x, which means that the Marketplace has a miserable less than 20 apps. However, with all WM phones, there are workarounds. Simply go on the internet and download the CAB files and install it on the phone. I managed to load meebo and Facebook by downloading the installer through the built-in browser. I do not expect a lot of apps for this phone, but having Gmail access, Google Mobile apps, Google map, meebo for Google Talk and Facebook is more than enough. Unfortunately, HTC Snap does not support Whatsapp. The stock browser for WM6 is utter crap! Luckily, Opera Mobile app can still be found on the internet and free to download and install on the Snap.
No complaints about this phone! It served me well when I did not have my Android phone, giving me access to all my personal and work mails. After all, I paid S$180 for a brand new local set from exporter, while resale market are selling used at the same price.
If you have a smaller budget for a non-camera phone, you can try Samsung E1390, the loud speakers are unrivalled! It does not have a torchlight, but it allows microSD card for mp3. It is surprising hardy and allows you to access Gmail and internet via GPRS in the toughest terrains. The drawback is the crappy low memory which makes internet quite sluggish. If you need more hardcore internet browsing, go for HTC Snap!

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