Sunday, October 09, 2011

Gaudi in Barcelona ~ The Sixth Day

Gaudi is the most significant figure in Barcelona and in the world of art nouveau architecture.

The most significant work has to be Sagrada Familia, the catholic church that Gaudi never completed before he passed away. Even till this very day, the church is still under construction. Even with modern technology, men still have difficulty completing what Gaudi could have done.

The previous day, we looked at Casa Batillo. This is Casa Mila, another building designed by Antoni Gaudi himself. Look at unique curves and organize forms adopted by Gaudi in all his works. Also note how he manage to make conventional chimneys look unique. What do you see?

Park Guell is a huge park designed for the Guell family by Gaudi. The iconic structure of mosaic lizard is like a mascot of Gaudi already.

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