Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Hands-On Review Part 0.1 - Blogging-on-the-go

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 hands-on review Part 0.1

This quick and dirty first post is to test out blogging on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.
This Part 0.1 is posted within 24h of receipt of this review Tab 10.1, the official Part 1 will be posted subsequently.
I used the pre-installed browser to compose and publish on Blogger.
The rich-html is a breeze with the Galaxy Tab 10.1, with full compatibility.

Here are a few screen snaps.
Default Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Homescreen.

Attach image or any media is possible, an expected feature exclusive to Android.

Compose a blog post in portrait mode is easy as well, gives more view of the content while you type on the keyboard.

Shoot and upload images is possible as well on the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The Good
1. Support for all rich-html interface on Blogger.
2. Attach photos, images and multimedia from contents stored on the Galaxy Tab 10.1.
3. Excellent camera quality to snap and post immediately.

The Bad
1. Difficulty in getting the blinking cursor into the right position to do changes to text.

Composed and Blogged from Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Powered by Android Honeycomb

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