Sunday, September 18, 2011

Keisuke Tokyo Designer Ramen

Free flow of seasoned bean sprouts and chopped onion.


Order a plate of 3 or 5 pieces of gyoza at $1 each. Goes perfectly with white vinegar and red chilli oil.

Crab Stock Ramen

Broad noodles instead of Ramen, in a thick and tasty crab broth.

Butter and Corn Miso Ramen

Creamy miso base with springy Ramen.

Decide the level of saltiness, oil, garnishes, texture of noodles.
No exactly special, but in a way designing the way your Ramen is done.
You call that designer Ramen? no.
But their variety deserves the queue. Their taste sure trumps that of Santouka.

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Miso said...

I just tried Keisuke Tokyo ramen too. Love the strong flavoured and thick crab broth.