Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jai Thai Set Meal for 2 is real deal!

The set meals at Jai Thai are real good deals not to be missed.
The regular dishes are already inexpensive, set meal is more worthwhile! This set meal for 2 pax consists of a fried fish, mixed vegetables, Tom Yum Gong and rice.

The fish is very fresh and it is fried till the small bones are crunchy and edible. Choose to change to Sea Bass for additional $3.
We chose the highly recommended and popular Pepper and Garlic sauce over our sea bass.

Jai Thai's Tom Yum Gong is spicy, sour with a tinge of sweet, making it much smoother to drink.

Mixed vegetables.

This meal costs us only $19 + $3 for sea bass change.
A real deal!

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