Monday, May 02, 2011

jones the grocer

jones the grocer

Visitng the grocery stall can be full of surprises and fun at "jones the grocer".
Located in the heart of Orchard Road, jones is easily accessible.
An excellent place to chill and dine with friends. Then again, I prefer to be here for Brunch.

Biscotti, preserves and raw nuts over the counter.

Jones' selection of imported pasta and sauces

Cottage style decor.

Dark or White fancies your sweet tooth?

A vast fine pasta selections leave you spoilt for choices.


Essentials to start the meal.

The roast here deserves two thumbs up and already worth the visit.


Choose from 4 selections of tapas.

Sauteed lamb rosemary sausages with a sweet tinge, served with lentils.

jones "Club" Sandwich

available for weekend brunch.

Served with sauteed portobellos (run out of avocados), and wild rocket in balsamic vinegarette.

Toasted baguette sandwich.

Generous slab of grilled chicken fillet, fried egg and lettuce sandwiched in a section of baguette.

Carrot Cake

Finish off your meal with sweets from their range of cakes, tarts and pastries.

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