Sunday, September 05, 2010

London! London!

London! London!
After my first trip to almost the furthest end of Europe at Belfast, Northern Ireland, I had to make a stopover in Heathrow London before I return home.
This was also my first trip to London.
I was completely unprepared for this stopover trip.
Join me as I try to cover the main sights of London city in two half-days and survive just on less than 10 sterling pounds (excluding my already expensive accommodation).

Day 1
Taking the underground from St Pancras Station. The station is below this huge historical building.

Next to St Pancras Station is King's Cross train station.

Arriving at Monument Station

Took a short walk to Tower Hill.
Tower Hill was a former prison.

Not to far away from Tower Hill is the Tower Bridge.
If you remember the song, "London Bridge is falling down", you might think that this is the London Bridge, but this is called the "Tower Bridge".
The Tower Bridge hangs across River Thames.

Witnessing the traffic stopped and the bridge drawn up to allow a boat to pass.

On the Southwark region.

This is the actual London Bridge.

Still at Southwark, I came this Jubilee and Borough Market which was closed for the day.

Walked around the Southwark region.

The Southwark Bridge and Millenium Bridge across River Thames.

Crossing River Thames on the Millenium Bridge, links straight to St Paul's Cathedral.

St. Paul's Cathedral in London is as magnificent as any St. Paul's Cathedral that I have been to in Europe.

My dinner for Day 1 was simple.
Bought a bottle of milk and two discount danish from the convenience store beside St. Paul's,
sat in the square, watching folks play table tennis in the chilly evening.
Cost me no more than 2 sterling pounds.

After my simple dinner, I walked from St. Paul's towards Blackfriars and then onto the Victoria Embankment.

Victoria Embankment runs along the River Thames.
Along the way, one can catch the London Eye.

The end of Victoria Embankment is the Westminster Abbey and where the Big Ben is.

Day 2
I woke up really early today since I had a few things to see and do before I depart London at 4 P.M..
My accommodation included English breakfast.

Took the underground on Piccadilly Line to Piccadilly Circus.

Walked from Piccadilly Circus, along Regent Street to...

... New and Old Bond Street, where the fashion houses are. However, not all boutiques were opened till 10 A.M..

Since the shops were not open, I walked back to Regent Street and head towards Victoria Embankment.

Before arriving at Victoria Embankment, I was at the Horse Guards Museum.

Cutting through government buildings and protected buildings to the banks.

Victoria Embankment by day is a different view from the night before.

Once again, visiting the Westminster Abbey and the Big Ben in the day.

This is the Abbey Church beside the Westminster Abbey.

Took a long walk on the closed roads and made my way to the Burkingham Palace and where the Queen Victoria Memorial is.

After taking photos of this tourist congested area, I made my way back to get my shopping done.
I was back to Old Bond Street, but seems like some boutiques were closed on Sunday. Hence, I had to walk further toward Oxford Street.

Oxford Street is like the Orchard Road of Singapore, where the major shopping malls reside.

After getting what I was supposed to get, I took the underground to Chancery Lane.
From Chancery Lane, I wanted to walk back to Blackfriars.
Along the way, I came across the Legislative courts.

Blackfriars in the day.

Back at Victoria Embankment, but another section.

Before reaching the London Eye, I checked my watch and realized that I did not have anymore time. I made a detour and head to the nearest underground, which was Covent Garden.
It was really bustling with life on Sunday at Covent Garden.

I had originally wanted to visit the biggest Apple Store in the world, but left it out because of time.
But since I am here now, I might as well step in and visit the biggest and latest Apple Store.
The Covent Garden Apple Store made it to international news, and it is definitely worth visiting! Now Apple fan should miss this store!

No time to spare.
Bought what I was supposed to and headed back to my accommodation to pick up my luggage and make my way to Heathrow Airport.

That was how I completed my first trip to London in less than 24h.
Although I did not have chance to explore the further regions of London and other parts of England, I was quite contended with what I could see in such a short time.
Unless I had another stopover, there is really no reason for me to visit London anytime soon, after all things are not really very cheap for folks from our region.
But London is indeed a beautiful city.

Check out my multiply page for even more pictures of London.
The beauty of traveling alone is the joy of taking your time and snap non-stop.
I hope my wife doesn't read this!

Photography by William Tan
Copyrights Reserved 2010

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