Monday, September 06, 2010

HTC Desire gets God Mode with Froyo!


HTC Desire
just got FOTA (firmware over-the-air) update this week
(for those folks in Singapore)
The latest firmware upgrade is Android 2.2 Froyo.
Froyo is packed with features and making it exciting for existing Desire users.
One of the best feature that kills the iPhone 4, was already on Galaxy S, WiFi tethering.
In fact, this post is made over the high-speed WiFi tethering off the Desire, which is somewhere in the house.

Features of Android 2.2 Froyo
  • Speed bump - Operations on the Desire just got faster!
  • Tilt Right - You might not notice this, but your Desire can now switch to landscape when you tilt right, instead of formerly only left.
  • Pin Lock - If you feel remember digits for screen lock is any better than shape lock, you can now use this common feature.
  • Flash - It took too long to have Flash support for web browsing, but still leading the way far far ahead of iPhone OS4.
  • App Sharing - As the name suggests, share your apps! Because Sharing is Caring!
  • Voice Commands - Your phone now really listens to you. Voice commands is the best companion for car drivers.
  • Install on micro SD Card - The lack of internal storage is resolved with capability to install on micro SD card.
  • New Look - Your Google Chat now has bigger avatar box; Message window becomes friendlier with shortcut to attachment; Text input keyboard now shortcuts to PinYin, Handwriting etc. with just one button.
  • Multi-task - Nothing new at all, but just got better with 2 more apps to 8 in memory.
  • WiFi Hotspot Tethering - Turn your HTC Desire into a WiFi Hotspot and connect all your devices to it. Game consoles, laptops, iPads, whichever device, you name it! Of course, speed of the mobile network is the bottleneck. You now have a WiFi Hotspot device in your pocket! How cool is that! Only the Androids get it! Kudos to Google!

With all these advantages of Android, it is no wonder everyone is switching to Android.
The debate is now Samsung Galaxy S or HTC Desire!
(are we missing someone here?? hmmm.....)

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