Saturday, September 04, 2010

Hoots: Warehouse Sales for Luggage, Accessories & Klean Kanteen

Check out my warehouse sale hoots today!
The original intention was to score some luggage bags for future travelling purposes and storing of bulky winter wear.
But I ended up scoring more than what I had intended.
I withheld scoring a Tatonka DSLR bag (S$39) and a sleek "agnes b-ish" executive bag (S$49).
Because I already had plenty to check out.

Klean Kanteen
S/S bottles
12oz - S$23
40oz - S$33

Crossing Luggage Tags x2 - S$4
Crossing Neoprene arm pouch - S$10

Crossing Luggage
24" Luggage - PP

Crossing Luggage
20" Cabin Luggage -PP

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