Thursday, September 02, 2010

Fullerton Hotel Snowskin Mooncakes 2010

Last year, Fullerton Hotel introduced a series of fruity mooncakes. This year, 2010, the only restaurant, Jade, is daring enough to introduce a whole new series of floral mooncakes.

This year's flavours include:
Rose Red Bean in Snowskin
Lavender Macadamia Green Bean in Snowskin
Hibiscus Strawberry in Snowskin
Osmanthus White Lotus Paste in Snowskin

After trying out all four different flavours,
I chose Rose Red Bean in Snowskin and Hibiscus Strawberry in Snowskin to make up my customized box of 4.

My sampling opinion of the Lavender Macadamia Green Bean in Snowskin is that the taste of lavender is not strong, but the green bean paste and macadamia nuts gives this mooncake a nice texture. The Osmanthus White Lotus Paste in Snowskin has a mild taste of osmanthus along with sweet lotus paste.

The packaging is a chest of four drawers.
Each drawer has a piece of real jade bound to it.
Though it might not be expensive jade, but does follow the restaurant's name.

Rose Red Bean in Snowskin
A mild taste of rose and generous portion of chuncky whole red beans embedded in a core of white lotus paste. The texture is fantastic, who says red beans must be soft and mashed?

Hibiscus Strawberry in Snowskin
The minute the knife slices through the mooncake, there is a strong sweet fragrance. This is one of the best mooncake that I have tasted this year. The blend of hibiscus and strawberry puree is heavenly!

My favourite for 2010 will definitely have to be these floral-inspired snowskin creations from Fullerton Hotel!
Do check out their on-going credit card promotions!
Download "Fullerton Hotel Mooncakes 2010 Brochure"
"Mooncakes" on a day in the life of a bearbrick

Photos by William Tan 2010

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