Sunday, September 19, 2010

EATZ: Ramen Santouka

Ramen Santouka has definitely been seeing a lot of reviews and patrons, however, if you have room in your stomach for another dedicated Ramen restaurant, Santouka is the place.
Santouka specializes in Hokkaido ramen. If you are familiar with AOBA Ramen at Orchard Ion, both Santouka and AOBA serves Hokkaido ramen. Basically, Hokkaido ramen comes in a thick, cloudy, rich pork bone broth that comes in Shio, Miso taste.

Santouka @Central
The pan-fried was mistaken to be Chinese soup dumpling when hot soup oozes out on first bite.
Not those typical "refrigerator" gyoza, but the real stuff!

Kara-miso (spicy miso) ramen with Curry rice set
The set meal comes with a smaller version of the ramen.
Thick and spicy miso soup with a huge slab of pork.
Shio Ramen
Tasty, thick pork bone collagen broth, typical Hokkaido ramen, made good at Santouka.

Santouka Ramen is definitely worth queing up for, though the wait is usually not too long.
Apart from the more popular outlet at Central, you can also visit the outlet opposite Cuppage.
If you like AOBA Ramen, you will like Santouka Ramen more!
No offence, but I am definitely preferring Santouka Ramen over the overly hyped Ippudo.
Value for money and authentic tastes! Worth it!

Photography by William Tan 2010

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