Monday, September 20, 2010

EATZ: k-ki ケーキ fine pastries | eat | love

fine pastries | eat | love
I will not be too surprised if you have fallen in love with k-ki after your first visit. Everyone loves k-ki! k-ki means Cakes, hence you can definitely expect cakes in k-ki. This pâtisserie is the child of Delphine and Kenneth, who bakes and serves these sweets straight from their kitchen. The theme of the little shop of course very much Japanese influenced. The minute you step into the shop, you would probably feel that everything is so MUJI! There is no better way to chill out for afternoon tea at k-ki.
While you are at k-ki, your eyes will be busy roaming around the retro chic stuff sold at the little corner of same shop, The Little Drom Store. If you are a fan or retro toys, cameras and polaroids, you have found a little piece of heaven!

The interior of k-ki is simplicity and where simplicity is beauty.

Nothing beats enjoying sweets and a piping hot brew from a Nespresso, with a friend or a love one.
You are probably spoilt for choice and let the lady boss recommend you something.
Have a Kinabaru with layers of coconut mousse, passion fruit cream on a chocolate sponge cake base and a Cafe Dumo which is a delightful blend of coffee and chocolate.

You know that you are enjoying,
when you are having fun!

If you have not visited k-ki, you better go down now!
You won't know what cool stuff you are really missing!
Trust me, you will love k-ki!

a: 7 Ann Siang Hill | t: 6225 6650

Photography by William Tan
Copyrights Reserved 2010

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