Sunday, September 19, 2010

EATZ: Buckaroo Pub & Restaurant @ Sembawang

Buckaroo Pub & Restaurant is not the regular restaurant that you can find in town and accessible by public transport. Buckaroo is located in northern part of Singapore, along 12B Andrews Avenue, near the coast of Singapore where Sembawang Park is. Those who have been to Bottle Tree Village should be familiar to this region of Singapore. Buckaroo sits among terrace houses just before the "jungle" road that leads to Bottle Tree Village.

Buckaroo can be really crowded, but I am not sure if you can make reservations. Nevertheless, if you are not lucky, you can always visit their neighbour, Woody Family Pub Cafe.

There are quite a number of dishes to choose from, mind you they are all "American size" and hence, you might find a soup already quite filling for one.

The Cream of Mushroom is not too bad, though I prefer the one from Soup Spoon. But the soup comes served in a bread bowl, hence you can peel the bowl off and dunk the bread into the cream soup.
Buffalo Wings are advertised in the menu as only 3 levels. Might as well test your palette for the spicy with Level 3 "Insanity". Buckaroo can actually prepare this fiery wings up to Level 10 with each level at an additional charge.

Apart from the Buffalo Wings and Soup, along with a Fish & Chips as well as a grilled Dory fillet, the total bill came up to about $70+. It is not really cheap but the portions are definitely worth it!

Photography by William Tan 2010

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