Saturday, July 10, 2010

JAPAN MOOKxBAG: agnès b. 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

"i love is mookxbag"
a series dedicated to Japanese magazine that come with complimentary bags.
It seems that it is the "in" thing for youngsters and even older ladies to go ga-ga over Japanese magazines that come with complimentary gifts. These gifts can usually range from accessories to cosmetic pouches and many times, bags! Moreover, these bags are usually coming from famous fashion labels such as LeSportSac, Anna Sui, Fred Perry etc. I have previously bought the Fred Perry Summer 2010 Collection c/w Fred Perry Tote Bag (below).

You must not expect good quality stuff that you find in boutiques, 'cos these complimentary bags are rarely used as main bags (at least not me). I prefer to use these bags as recyclable bags which can be easily folded away and slipped into my main bag.

agnès b.
2010 Spring/Summer Collection
c/w Japan exclusive ab. monogram tote bag+bag charm
If there is a need to explain what is agnès b., then this probably do not interest you. But agnès b. is fashion label that is increasingly popular in Asia, especially in Hong Kong. Though agnès b. is a french designer, most or all agnès b. voyage (bag series) comes from Japan, I refer to their Japanese website. There are also exclusive Japan-only agnès b. voyage designs such as the ab. monogram. The latest mook features their Spring/Summer collection and comes with a complimentary monogram tote bag with the Japan exclusive ab. monogram+bag charm.

The bag fits a few A4 size documents and books. Throw in a thin brolly, a make-up pouch and wallet and you are set to go.

If you get a voyage bag from agnès b., you will probably need to buy a separate bag charm. This magazine comes with a free bag charm too!
The front pocket fits a packet of tissue papers.

No internal pockets in the main segment.
The material of the bag is canvas and is tougher than the Fred Perry tote bag.

The bag is great shoulder-sling or hand carry.

You do not need to spend a fortune to fly to Japan to get yourself an agnès b. voyage bag with Japan exclusive ab. monogram.

Note: This bag is definitely not for guys!

Photography & Editing by William Tan
©William Tan 2010

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