Tuesday, June 01, 2010

"PHILIPS Carnival 2010" WHS: PHILIPS 244ES1 Full HD Wide Screen E-line LCD Monitor

It was PHILIPS Carnival Warehouse Sale over the last long weekend. I visited the same event last year and scored quite a number of items, such as Home Theater systems and household appliances. At the PHILIPS Carnival 2010, held at their factory at Toa Payoh, there were the usuals such as rice cookers, blenders, mixers, steamers, vacuum cleaners, lightings, mobile phones, audio peripherals, home theater systems, AVENT baby products, LCD TV and monitors. This year, there were newer and nicer models of LCD TVs, BluRay DVD players, LED monitors and a whole lot more sound consoles that allows iPod/iPhone docking. Nevertheless, with all these tempting electronics and only limited space at home, I could only score one item.

PHILIPS 244ES1 24-inch Wide Screen E-line LCD Monitor
This E-line model is a 24-inch wide screen LCD monitor with HDMI input and Full HD 1080p resolution. This model comes in white color to match your Apple products at a cost of S$10 more, but I would hate to see it turn yellow over time.

This panel comes with Windows 7 & Vista support.
Check out the size of the box compared to LX3!

Standard accessories include stand base, stand, power supply cable, DVI cable, VGA cable, 3-years on-site warranty card (registered on purchase), analog stereo 3.5mm cable and HDMI cable, user guide and drivers in CD-ROM.

Left image shows 3.5mm audio port, 3.5mm earphones jack, VGA port (blue), DVI port (white) and HDMI port.
Right image shows slot for connecting to stand.

This is how the screen compares to some of my gears.
After all, the panel was purchased mainly for photo-editing purposes but also for improving productivity when comparing data.

Fixing the stand to the LCD panel. There is option to wall-mount the panel via VESA mount.

Left image shows side-by-side comparison to my old 20-inch ACER which has been giving warm hues even after calibration. Time to change! My makeshift workstation almost could not accomodate such a wide screen!

The control buttons on the bottom edge border are touch-sensitive and lights up when activated.

Nothing beats have accurate colors, a wider view, playing HD videos in full screen Full HD (1080p) delight, hooking up to peripherals via HDMI and most importantly more workspace/estate!
Yes, I really do need a new display panel, but more like I need to hoot something at PHILIPS warehouse sale!

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