Wednesday, June 30, 2010

JAPAN! Blog-on-the-Spot! Day 5 & 6: Hida-Takayama

Two days of updates in a row, because only have lobby internet and Japanese keyboard available.
Day 5 we departed on the Shinkansen and switched to the Wide View Hida Limited Express train and arrived on Takayama.

Leaving the ever crowded main Tokyo Station.

On board the Wide View Hida is definitely a wide spectacular view of the rarely visited country scenery of Japan!

Valleys and rivers are common sight especially we are heading for the high mountains.

This is the conserved old shophouse in Takayama.

Something that you probably see in the TV? Lovely old short shophouses!

Smalll shrines are scattered over the town.

One of the main highlight is to visit Shirakawago, where old houses with "praying hands" straw roofs still stand against modernization. This UNESCO village is hidden away from modernization among the mountains. So it can only be seen if you are up the mountains or through the mountain passage. Majority of this straw houses are still homes to the locals.

People living in these straw houses are mainly farmers who survive on growing of rice or others on tourism.

A dog lies and watch the tourists go by.

Back in the old town streets of Takayama again!

Heading of to Kyoto next!
The land of the Shrines!

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