Sunday, June 27, 2010

JAPAN! Blog-on-the-Spot! Day 4: Ueno, Harajuku, Shibuya

Getting from my accomodation to Harajuku means that I would need to take the JR train from Okachimachi Station, which would be a direct ride to JR Harajuku Station.
On our way to the JR Okachimachi Station, we came across Ameyoko, a shopping street that runs next to the JR tracks leading to JR Ueno Station. The street was not really a tourist attraction, but for people staying in Ueno, Ameyoko is part of their daily life, where they get their wares and sundries.We arrived at JR Harajuku Station via Yamanote Line. We were immediately greeted by the biggest crowd ever. JR Harajuku Station is not very big, hence the tourists and locals who visit this place on a Sunday, made it jam-packed! Where were the cosplayers? Didn't really see much, but did see a lot of "Lolitas".

Before leaving Harajuku, we visited the Meiji Shrine. It was a huge compound, probably bigger than our Botanical Gardens. The road to the actual historical sacred shrine, was paved with gravel and lined by tall green canopies. The shrine precinct itself seemed completely cut away in another dimension from the modern lively Harajuku.

We managed to make it to Shibuya as our last stop in Tokyo. Shown above is the famous Shibuya crossing, where the traffic from all sides will stop and the junction will flooded with pedestrians from all directions. At Shibuya, I managed to find free WIFI in the street and did some Facebook and Buzz updates and checked some emails. We were rather unprepared to visit Shibuya. But we did managed to find the Burberry Blue Label, Burberry Black Label, Tokyu Hands and Loft. By the way, we first came to know Loft only as a Japanese stationery store in Bangkok. But the actual Loft in Japan is like Tokyu Hands, which sells everything that is interesting. I was rather tempted to get a LOMO, HOLGA or a buildable LEGO digital camera.

That is the end of our trip to Tokyo. Sadly, I never score any toys and caught any cosplayers at Akihabara. Well, at least leave something when I re-visit Japan again.
Tomorrow, we will be taking the Shinkansen and leave Tokyo. Where will we be heading? Will we get internet access in the Ryokan? Check out here tomorrow!

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