Saturday, June 26, 2010

JAPAN! Blog-on-the-Spot! Day 2: Tsukiji Fish Market, Asakusa, Akihabara, Ginza, Odaiba

On Day 2 of our Japan trip, we decided to pay the famous Tsukiji Fish Market.
We were there rather late, 9:00PM. All the hype was already over, as we missed the early morning auctions. Nevertheless, we did manage to sneak in and catch some really interesting seafood.
Kaminari Gate at Asakusa is one place that is a must-visit! The temple streets were flooded with tourists and locals.

The next stop is Akihabara, or "Electric Town". I thought I was otaku, but I put my hands up! I am not match for the real otaku in Japan. The eye-candy cosplay maids really got me excited though! Of course, not to forget all the gadgets. Yes, they do have iPads on sale. So tempting!

Ginza, the high-end fashion precinct will definitely have something for us, who come from a city that everyone only knows how to shop!

The last stop was to visit the Odaiba area. Getting there requires the purchase of special day-passes on its only Yarikamome Line. We managed to got it at a steal, so that we have been there done that!

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