Saturday, May 15, 2010

Singapore HTC Desire Launch

The 7th Android phone from HTC (if we include Nexus One as part of the HTC line-up), HTC Desire, was released yesterday. I had to visit the launch to get a physical hands-on on the next big thing from HTC. As HTC's slogan suggests, "quietly brilliant", HTC do not need full page advertisements daily and tons of unofficial celebrity endorsements. The HTC Desire will be the next coolest thing to have!

The HTC Desire is essentially Google Nexus One, spiced up and dressed in a HTC outfit. It comes with an upgraded optical sensor in replacement of the earlier trackball.

Compared to the lowest end Android phone, HTC Tattoo, we are comparing Heaven and Earth!
Just check out all that extra estate! Damn, still could not cramp more than 4x4 shortcuts on Home screens.

Sleek and slim, a pleasure to hold in the hands, feels exactly like a Nexus One.

HTC was nice to let me pocket one!
Fat chance! I was merely trying if the Desire fits into a shirt pocket. It does!

At a glance, HTC Desire has a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon fast processor, a huge 3.7 inch capactive AMOLED dual-touch screen (bigger than iPhone 3GS), 5-MP camera with flash and face detection, Bluetooth Object Push, Android 2.1 Eclair and lastest version of HTC Sense UI featuring FriendSTREAM!
HTC Desire is expected to launch at all Telcos @ S$898.

For more info, check out OFFICIAL SITE HERE!

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