Sunday, May 09, 2010

LX3n: Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX3 Upgrade Ver.1

The Panasonic LUMIX-LX3 is the most sought after compact camera today. Two years on, the LX3 still retained its price. It means that the market for the LX3 is still very much alive. No doubt, LX3 has been the best compact camera since its release and till today, the only close competitor is Canon PowerShot S90 (but we know better that Canon cameras get upgraded very quickly, because every product always have room to upgrade). Read my take on LX3 vs S90 comparison. Nevertheless, the LX3 does not need any upgrade at all, yet. The reason is because, it comes already "upgrade-ready", to take compact photography to a next level of serious photography.

(unofficial nomenclature, suggesting LX3 with Nikon combination)
My favourite setup without my Nikons, is to utilize my Nikon Speedlight to give the LX3 real flash photography capability. Come on, we know that pop-up flash units saves the blurry pictures, but kill you pictures.
I chose Nikon SB-600 over my SB-800 to match my LX3, because of its smaller size.
Simply slide the Speedlight onto of the hotshoe of the LX3. The LX3 will recognize an external flash is present. Note that though you cannot get TTL with the SB-600, however, the LX3 can trigger the Speedlight to fire. To control the output off the flash, simple switch your Speedlight to Manual mode and adjust the flash output accordingly. S90 can bite the dust!

There is definitely more fun when you give more light to indoor photo-shoots.
Your shots will never be the same and you will probably get feedback such as "did that picture really come from a compact camera?"

If you think this is all the the LX3 can be upgraded, you are wrong!
Watch my blog as I show you my Ver.2 upgrade.

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