Tuesday, May 11, 2010

EATZ: 莆田 PUTIEN Mother's Day Set Menu

It was Mother's Day last Sunday, we decided to go for lunch at the most popular, flagship 莆田 Putien Restaurant, along Kitchener Road.
Since it was Mother's Day, Putien came up with set menus for the event.
We went for the set menu for four. Since we wanted to have the trademark Deep Fried Chicken with Garlic, we were allowed to trade the 风味松鼠鱼Deep-Fried Squirrel Fish with Gravy, for the chicken and an additional Stir-fried Yam.
What is not shown here is the 献给妈妈的爱(面线) To Mother with Love (Mee Sua) which is a mee sua dish cooked in a typical Xing Hua Putien style.

Platter of 4 Signature Starters

This platter really did not appeal to everyone on the table, but I eat anything.
"Fa Cai" was fine, so was the sliced pork belly and fried fish. This Chinese salami-like dish was really a unique blend of beans, century egg and Chinese ham, something either you like or hate.

The yam cubes were slightly sweet but it still tasted very much like steamed yam.

Three Varieties Soup in “PU TIEN” Style

I welcome an alternative to shark's fin soup. This soup has crab meat, fresh shrimps and fish maw inside. A tinge of red vinegar and parsley leaves is my preference.

Steamed Bamboo Clams with Wine

Not everyone liked the bamboo clams. The mild herbal and wine taste could not drown the seafood taste of clams.
Nevertheless, goes perfectly great with Putien's special tangy chilli sauce.

Deep Fried Chicken with Garlic

Need I elaborate more? Fragrant crispy skin sprinkled with fried garlic bits and crispy curry leaves.
A must have at Putien!

Homemade Bean curd

The bean curd was tasty and soft. Quite standard for any "ze cha" style.

Almond Bean Curd with Loquat

I did not really like the almond bean curd which was more springy and chewy than the regular almond jelly.

You can definitely expect good food from the chefs of 莆田 Putien Restaurant. Apart from the flagship store at Kitchener Road, which was always impossible to get seats without prior appointment, there are other outlets to choose from. The newest restaurant across the flagship store, in City Square Mall, is one that serves buffet of selected Putien specialties.
If you are after good and top-of-the-class Chinese food,
莆田 Putien Restaurant is one place you must visit!

Putien Restaurant
Kitchener Road (Flagship)

127 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208514
Tel: (65) 6295 6358
Fax: (65) 6295 6458

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