Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple iPad

Give yourself a reason to spend and embrace the future of touchscreen.
Once thought to be dead, the tablet is back with Apple's iPad.
Starting at USD$499.
The iPad is not an 'upsized' iPhone.
It is a netbook of the future.
I can forsee:
a doctor's reviewing patient details on an iPad,
a financial advisor showing the prospectus on an iPad,
an interior designer showing and doing live 'drawing' on an iPad,
a researcher keeping records of experimental data on an iPad,
a wedding couple showing their wedding album on an iPad,
or simply use an iPad to enjoy 'real' Youtube videos, going on Facebook, chats, emails and surfing the web, all with the comfort of a huge 9.7-inch touchscreen!


Laurens said...

10hr batt life is abit tuakang


haha 10hr is probably based on minimum brightness and not useless wireless connectivity.
nevertheless, the iPhone power barely last a day too.

seriously I don't know why there are so many negative reviews about it.
Probably they owned an iPod touch, then came an iPhone, owned an iPhone, then came iPad. LOL
Not surprising, they will still want one, because it is super cool!

If I were still a student, I will finger-scribble my notes on the luxuriously huge touchscreen. Who still use pen and writing pad these days!