Sunday, October 18, 2009

Digi-Cabi AD-050 (50L) Electronic Dry Cabinet

Digi-Cabi AD-50 (50L) Electronic Dry Cabinet
S$155 (U.P. S$168)

External dimensions: W35×D32×H50cm
Effective capacity: 50L
Power consumption: 5W
Digital Hygrometer: 1
Door: 1
Tray: 2x Fully adjustable roller tray with 2x eva mats and 1x wave foam tray

I decided to give away my free Digi-Cabi DB-026 (20L) electronic dry cabinet. It just could not provide me any more space for future optics and existing compact cameras. I long knew I needed more space. So I moved from a meagre '2RM flat' to a '5RM flat'! With my equipments, the basic '3RM flat' (DB-036; 30L) is just not enough! Hence, I had to go for Digi Cabi AD-050 electronic dry cabinet which provides me with a generous capacity of 50L! Now, I can easily access each individual equipment and yet accommodate a bit more things. How about a 300mm prime? Of course that is impossible! A Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro will do nicely!

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