Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cheapest Filters for DSLR Starters!

Targus Digital 58mm Digital Filter Set: Circular Polarizer and UV Filter
I wanted to get a Circular Polarizer (CPL or PL-C) for my bro who recently started out on DSLR photography with a Canon EOS 500D. I decided to get him the cheapest CPL that I could find. Not that I decided to be stingy and not get him a branded filter. I definitely believe that good lenses are useless with a bad filter. The kit lens is only as good as a decent usable filter and subsquently, that filter size (58mm) is rather unusable on other lenses. It claims 'Multi-Coated' and 'High Definition'. I understand both terms but have no clue how 'High Definition' comes into play here. Nevertheless, at that ridiculously cheap price, I decided to give it a shot. Upon trying it out, I detected no significant differences from another cheap but better HOYA Digital filter. I guess it is super cheap because these filters come in a blister pack with no hard carrier cases. Nevertheless, the UV filter (or protector filter) is usually permanently fixed on the lens. I would need to find a carrier for the CPL. I started out wanting to get a CPL and end up getting a 'free' UV filter for the price of a CPL, I guess no harm keeping a spare UV filter, in any case the existing one gets scratched.
Does its job? Yeah!
Cheap? Yeah!!

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