Monday, October 12, 2009

Bought Canon 500D

Bought a Canon 500D DSLR today!
S$1280 (500D kit I + Tokina 58mm UV filter + Screen Protector + DIVIPower spare battery + EF Lens book* + 8GB SDHC*)
No, I have not jump ship from Nikon to Canon,
but simply had to recommend the best entry-level DSLR to my bro.
Was not very hard to decide between Canon 500D and Nikon D5000.
Beyond the specs, both cameras were real close calls with individual's unique strengths and short-comings,
but I had to sit on fence for this.
Clearly the Nikon is perfect for beginners to pick up photography with DSLR,
but the Canon should take its user further.
And that's the main reason why I recommended the Canon.
I like the way Canon has keep its KISS lineup dedicated to DSLR photography and not straying off to build a prosumer-like DSLR which ends up with an obviously heavier rig.
*standard free gifts claimable from Canon Singapore.


Mangirl said...

Hello! May I know where did you get the camera from? I'm having such an utter headache trying to find the best price. You've got yourself a very good deal actually!


Try the popular camera shops at AMK Hub and AMK Central.