Monday, July 27, 2009

Sing Singapore! Sing!

Feeling Patriotic on National Day?

Relive the good o' days where we sing these local favourites in our primary schools. Singing them now makes the hair stand on the back of my neck, but fills my heart with joy!

A wonderful website to view music videos and listen to songs such as:

一起走到 (We Will Get There) - Performed by Stefanie Sun for NDP 2002
属于(Where I Belong) - Performed by Tanya Chua for NDP 2001
星月 (Shine On Me) - Performed by Mavis Hee for NDP 2000
心连心 (Together) - Performed by Evelyn Tan and Dreamz FM for NDP 1999
家 (Home) - Performed by Kit Chan for NDP 1998

Evergreen National Day Parade Songs:
Count On Me Singapore
Stand Up For Singapore
We Are Singapore
One People, One Nation, One Singapore

Evergreen Community Songs:
Five Stars Arising
Singapore Town
Munnaeru Vaalibaa
Chan Mali Chan
Di Tanjong Katong
Moments of Magic - Performed by Fann Wong, Elsa Lin, Tanya Chua

Thanks to National Arts Council Singapore for preserving these evergreen favourites!
Last but not least, our talented local song writers and composers who made this songs possible!

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koodsim said...

wasn't Home performed by Kit Chan?